What is Delusion Disorder?

What is Delusion Disorder?

Delusion Disorder

Do you like your own personality? Do you accept yourself just the way you are? If your brutally honest answer is a big No, then the immediate follow-up question for you, Do you hold any false vision or belief system about yourself? Does this false image gives you pleasure and pain? Does this trait of yours ruining your mental health and relationship? This dreamy-over imagining trait drain your energy time, most importantly you're constantly loosing yourself.
Now I'm sure this part of your answer would be Yes, then this could be red flag of Delusional Disorder. However no worries at all, you can come out of this situation easily once you try consciously. Before we make. any further shift, let's discuss about what Delusion Disorder is actually?

Delusion Disorder is nothing but holding an extreme different image about oneself that is completely opposite of who you are. Imagining oneself to be a better version or dream version is always appreciable. We all have this creative thought pattern to become who we want to be. However we must all acknowledge first who we are now? The transition from who we are now to who we want to become is a journey that need self discipline, hard work, clear mindset and conscious effort. But holding onto someone who I am not and keep imagining constantly without doing any practical effort is known as Delusion Disorder. In this fast forward world we are all digitally advanced, most of our time we spend on social media and see what others are posting and how their life look like, alongside doing nothing or implementing nothing to our self growth can be dangerous for us. Most importantly avoiding the hard work behind the screen, and not acknowledging ourself can be a severe threat to het involved into Delusion Disorder.

There are few traits of Delusion Disorder, let's check it out first:
|| Not acknowledging who I am
|| Holding onto past grudges
|| Constant complaining about past Present scenes of life
|| Comparing with others and develop a negetive image about our present self
|| Feeling of being exploited and abused
                                                         ----and many more!!

Do you know its types?? There are many, but in. order to keep it short & simple (KISS) let's discuss few of them...
|| Grandiose: Overestimated sense of self-worth, power, knowledge or identity.
|| Erotomanic: Believing to be someone else, often someone important or famous, is in love with them.
|| Persecutory: Believing someone or something is mistreating, spying on or attempting to harm them.

You know Self-Questioning is one of the powerful tool & that is very much innet, so make yourself stnad in the witness box and ask---
1. What do I like to do in my free time
Reading Books/Listening to Music/Playing Sports/Cooking
2. What kind of Books do I prefer to read
3. Rate myself as a Huamn Being (Current State)
4. How does my wheel of life looks like
Great/Poor/Need to grow more/Don't know
5. What is my belief system about religion
I'm religious/I'm spiritual/I'm confused/I don't care
6. How does it impact when someone mistreat me or being judgmental about myself
I don't care or count/I easily get offend/I overthink a lot and make my own world of imagination to escape/I listen to them, reflect and then rectify if needed
7. Life is pointless without
Parents/Partners/Pet/God/None of the above

Not always you'll get a clear one liner, but please keep asking yourself and make conscious effort towards your daily routine will give you clarity. Clarity will automatically discard Delusion. Acknowledged your current state, respect for who you're, its all in your head sweetheart.
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